Pack of 12 Washing Machine Lint Traps Quaity Snares and Rust Proof Stainless Steel Mesh with Ties

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  • Long Lasting Premuim Quality Stainless Steel Rust Proof
  • 12 Pack Washing Machine Lint Traps
  • Stops lint from clogging laundry tub or sink
  • No tools needed, Mesh with Clamps, Easy Installation,


12 Pack of Washing Machine Lint Traps – Comes with 12 Ties / Clamps / Zip Ties 

These Stainless Steel Washing Machine Lint Traps were created to keep lint, hair, and even “lost” tissues from clogging your laundry sink. Normally, when a washing machine drains into a laundry sink (also called a slop sink) you run the risk of clogging the drain. These traps will greatly reduce that risk by catching lint, pieces of tissue, etc.

✓ One trap will last about one month for a family of 2. How long a trap lasts will depend on how much laundry you do and the types of fabrics you are washing. 

✓ Traps are easy to put on the discharge hose (the hose that drains into your sink) and they are easy to remove. 

✓ It is important that you do NOT use these traps on hoses that empty into a wall. These traps are ONLY made for washing machine hoses that empty into a basin, sink, bathtub, etc. 

DR Quality Parts is a small, family owned company. When you purchase our Washing Machine Lint Traps you are helping to support a small business.

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