Extra Heavy Duty Zip Ties 26 Inch Long - 200Lbs UV Black

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  • 26 Inch - 200lbs Strength - 50 Pack
  • Extra Large Heavy Duty Cable Ties usable in many applications
  • Widely Used For Attaching A/C Ducts
  • 26" long, 9mm wide, Self Locking, Black
  • Industrial Approved - Lifetime Warranty!

This 50 piece set of industrial strength 26 inch nylon cable ties can help organize your cables and other miscellaneous items that need to be tied together. 
With a length of 26 inches and tensile strength of 200 lbs, they hold tough in heavy-duty applications without loosening up. 
The ideal working temperature is between 40-85 degrees Celsius or 40-185 degrees Fahrenheit.

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