Multi-Purpose Strong Cable Ties (Pack of 100), 50 lbs, Black, Self Locking Zip Ties (12 inch)

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  • Strong Multi-Purpose Cable Ties - for electrical cables, home, office, garage, workshop and more
  • 100 pack: black ties, 12 inch length - Great Value
  • Made of weather resistant material and outdoor direct sunlight application is not an issue. withstanding temperatures from 0℉to 140℉, The UL Flammability is V-2
  • Strong flexible nylon material Industrial Grade 6/6 Nylon UL 62275
  • Resealable Bag, Lifetime guarantee on our premium zip ties.

Industrial Strength UV Multi-Purpose Cable Ties
UL 62275, 
Industrial Grade 6/6 Nylon Construction
Pure nylon material that is chemical/acid resistance
Industry standard 50-lbs tensile strength
Bent tip ensures easy insertion into the head
Smooth edges for a fast and smooth tightening
Operation temperature range from 0 to 140F

100% 6/6 Nylon Material

Width: 0.2"
Thickness: 0.043"
Max Bundle Diameter: 11.8"
Operating Temp: 0 to 140F
50-lbs Tensile Strength
UV Black in Color

Organizing electrical wires and PC laptop cords, 
Securing suitcase zippers during trips, 
Hanging heavy stuff, 
Permanent fix broken items, 
Securing bike accessories, 
Repair equipment like a lawnmower, hose etc... 

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